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Whether you're a newcomer to Tabletop Roleplaying or an experienced player who values the story over the grind, you've come to the right place. Cyneric's Call uses the original 'D12 Only' system to cut out the crunch and keep the focus of an adventure on the drama and excitement. This Core Rulebook is complete with all the rules and guidelines needed to play, a one-stop shop to get your party questing in no time. Less Rolling, More Playing.


- Complete ruleset that introduces the D12 Only system in beginner-friendly language


- Quick Character Creation from start to finish


- Starting Bestiary with two sets of stats for each entry


- Introduction to the world of Cyneric's Call, featuring the main landmass of Cyndra and its regions, religions, and extraordinary inhabitants


- One-shot adventure to help start the fun fast, featuring a plot to undermine and ruin a booming township

Cyneric's Call Core Rulebook Digital Edition


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