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Cyneric's Call is the debut tabletop roleplaying game by ThreeGold Games. In 'Call, a player can create virtually anyone - a spellcasting Dark Elf, a berserking Dwarf, or a charming Human. Your character can have a knack for slicing opponents to shreds, or enough knowledge to instruct others on how to do just that. He can be an expert assassin, a healing philanthropist, or a Gods-preaching zealot to bring blasphemers to their knees.

Cyneric’s Call’s primary setting is the diverse continent of Cyndra, one of the three major landmasses in this world and by area, the largest. It is the 516th year by Reckoning of Man, and as Humans are the most prominent race on the continent their dating system is considered standard.


However, the Human fiefdoms enjoy little hegemony. The Drakken have conquered through most of Karnoss and the Bullcoster Basin to establish the Empire of Wyrms. The Dwarf-Holds in The High Keeps enjoy a golden age, overflowing with ores and jewels. The Orc tribes of Thursholm threaten to cross the Malcan River, the Dark Elves rule in The Shadow Hills, and their Wood Elvish cousins execute any intruder in The Green Refuge. Of course, few places other than that sacred peninsula are totally homogenous.


Outside of the official geopolitical boundaries are dozens of orders, cults, and guilds that have have power. Patricians compete for dominance both along the western coast and up the rivers of Lakeland. Priests and Seers minister to the masses, and Paladins lead them on crusades. Fraternal orders bridge fief and folk alike to amass influence that rivals the most cunning kings.

Cyneric's Call is powered by ThreeGold Games' D12 Only system and designed to be as accessible to new roleplayers as possible. If you're curious about tabletop roleplaying and want an affordable, streamlined product to get started, pick up a copy of the Core Rulebook and begin your adventures today!.

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