We're ThreeGold Games, an independent game development company. Founded in the winter of 2017, we apply our passions for building exciting worlds and telling unforgettable stories by producing tabletop games and related media.


Our core philosophy is that bigger isn't always better, and quality comes before quantity. We want tabletop roleplaying to be as affordable and accessible as possible, both to grow the industry that we love and get more people interacting in thought-provoking scenarios. In keeping to this, our titles are written in easy-to-understand language and presented in clean, compact format for ease of use. We encourage everyone to try one of our products, especially if you're new to tabletop roleplaying. We have a feeling you'll be back for more.

ThreeGold Games also knows that tabletop roleplaying centers around experiences totally separate from reality, where participants are only limited by their imaginations. In light of this, we firmly stand against political correctness of all forms in the gaming industry and condemn actions to ostracize individuals due to their private convictions. Players and developers alike should be free to create the characters and stories they want without fear of reprisal both personal and professional.

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